We aim to be an integral part of Thai consumers’ everyday digital activities. As the leading figure in this field, our highest objectives are to deliver integrated digital lifestyle, point and pay, and enable technology service providers in Thailand with a regional presence. With our merchants covering all facets of daily lifestyle and transactions, we firmly believe that our key target of being the prime digital media and telco ecosystem is within our reach.

The business units in True Digital Group include:

Analytics & AI

TDG’s Analytics & AI department is looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join Campaign Strategy and Analysis team. Our team’s mandate is to build world-class B2B analytics products and services on top of True’s unique data platform. You will be joining a diverse, multi-cultural team dedicated to growing True Analytics’ presence in the Thai market.

Corporate Solutions and Cooperation team (B2B Sales)

Team is focusing on enhancing B2B business opportunities by providing business solutions, support, and being a partner to all B2B customers with a variety of services; Smart WiFi, Intelligent Email, Call Waiting Message/Music, Mobile Commerce Solution, Mobile Marketing, Customer Incentives, Device, IoT solution which can apply and customize for all business and organization from corporate to start-up in all business industries. The corporate Solutions and Cooperation team aim to be a partner to bring our customer to achieve their business goal, win competitiveness challenge and growth.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Office works with True and the largest companies in CP Group to drive group-wide synergy on digital transformation and related technologies. The team works closely with the Group’s CIOs and CDOs to oversee digital transformation progress for the Group across six key domains: digital channels, digital workplace, intelligent automation, data analytics, technology modernization, and cybersecurity. It is also responsible for driving technology-related projects to help uplift digital capabilities and generate savings for major business units

Information Security

Our team's mandate is to provide world-class service in Cyber Security as the leading Cyber Security service provider in Thailand and ASEAN Market. You will be joining TDG's Cyber Security team to protect our clients from cybercrime and support multifaceted countermeasures against cyber-attacks by Threat Intelligence and remediation automation.

Integrated Digital Health

Integrated Digital Health is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications that allows the user to consult with a doctor remotely from anywhere without having to travel to the hospital. The use of health data in conjunction with technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (A.I.), wearable tech, and smartphones is expected to result in a significant increase in measuring health, diagnosing diseases, managing, and monitoring long-term conditions. It hopes to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and available to all by partnering with Chiwii and world-class partners

IoT & Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions is an innovation partner for enterprises, offering market-leading solutions to solve pain points and anticipate future needs. Equipped with a diverse and complete ecosystem, it champions transformative innovation brought through its expertise in digital convergence and deep insight across industries. Working collaboratively with its world-class partners, it aims to drive positive change and catalyze sustainable impact for individuals, businesses and societies. Digital solutions is a business unit under True Digital Group, a subsidiary of Thailand’s leading conglomerate True Corporation

Online Station

Online Station is a leader in digital media business in games and network influencer that provides a full service 360 ​​Media & Marketing Solution in both online & offline formats. Our objective is to bring products and services to reach the target group for Brands & Agencies while providing opportunities to work with top brand to generate revenue for Creators

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

We look to draw a talented and enterprising group of digital-oriented entrepreneurs to co-build high-impact products at True. Our team work on a variety of digital business/products both B2C and B2B, anything from entertainment platform leader in sports and lifestyles “TrueID” to advancements in Thailand healthcare “True Health” and work with other people who are passionate about making an impact to Thailand.


In TrueID we democratised access by creating our TrueID application, a gateway to a wide variety of quality digital content including movies, TV, news, music, sports, travel, and personalised privileges. We are committed to providing quality & lifestyle content that is affordable and easily accessible on various platforms including mobile applications, websites, and TV box (over-the-top media)

You will be working alongside some of the brightest minds in technical and business functions and experiencing this golden opportunity with Southeast Asia’s largest media online platform for consumers, merchants and enterprise markets.

True Virtual World

True Virtual World (True VWORLD) is a digital platform powered by True. The platform provides a transformation opportunity for everyone, especially companies and schools. True VWORLD provides a complete digital platform where people can work, study, and casually meet online anywhere, anytime.

Our current virtual solutions are:
1) VROOM (Video Conference Solutions)
2) VWORK (Collaboration and Organization Management platform)
3) VLEARN (All-in-one e-learning solutions)


Privacy Policy

True Digital Group attaches great importance to applicant privacy, hence we provide the privacy notice to inform you of our policy with regard to your personal data. For more information, please visit this website > HERE